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Electrical Workers, Inc.

898 Airport Park Road     ●     Glen Burnie, MD  21061
Phone:  410-761-7780     ●     Fax:  410-768-2248     ●     Email:

Hall Rental Information 

(effective March 1, 2023)

Rental Period

  • The base rental period is for 8 hours (2 hours - setup, 5 hours - event, and 1 hour - clean up). 

  • All hours, including additional hours purchased, must be used consecutively. 

  • All events must end by 1am and building must be empty by 2am, regardless of additional hours purchased.


Cost / Payments

  • Events must be paid in full no less than sixty (60) days prior to the Event Date.  Otherwise, event may be cancelled and no refund of monies paid will be issued.

  • Security Deposit - $400 – refundable (must be paid within 30 days of inquiry or date will be forfeited) plus:

  • Hall Rental Fee - $2,000 for eight (8) hour rental (in addition to $400 Security Deposit).​​

  • Additional Hours - $100 per hour (paid in advance) or $200 per hour, or portion thereof, will be charged for exceeding the allotted time. 

  • All payments must be in the form of check or money order. 

  • We do not accept cash or credit card payments. 

  • Checks and Money Orders made payable to “Electrical Workers, Inc.” 

  • $25 Returned Check Fee charge.



  • 300 people maximum (including all guests, food servers, police & security, photographers, entertainers, etc.).


General Information

  • The rental agreement includes use of the first-floor restrooms, banquet hall, kitchen area and parking lot. 

  • No items may be placed outside of the banquet hall or in the main hallway.

  • This is a Do It Yourself” facility.  You are responsible for all set up (including tables and chairs), clean up and trash removal from restrooms, kitchen, banquet hall and parking lot.

  • Hall measurements are approximately 55’ wide by 110’ long.  The ceiling height is 8’.   

  • Please provide your own 55-gallon trash bags.  Liners must be used in all cans. 

  • Trash receptacles that require cleaning due to the lack of liners will incur a $10 per can cleaning fee. 

  • Trash that is not placed securely in the dumpster will incur a $25 fee.

  • Deep fryers are prohibited from use in the building, on sidewalks, under the building canopy or near the building. 

  • Proper disposal of grease is required.  Grease is not to be disposed of in dumpster.  

  • Only battery-operated candles are permitted.  No smoke devices or open flames are allowed in the facility. 

  • Balloons must be disposed of properly in the trash and cannot be released to the sky.

  • Hand trucks and carts are not available on-site.  It is the responsibility of Lessee to load and/or unload all items.



The kitchen is a “warming / reheating” facility only; cooking is not permitted.

  • 40 – 60” Round Tables (seats 8)

  • 1 – Stove / Oven

  • 1 – Three Compartment Sink

  • 7 – 8’ Rectangular Tables

  • 2 – Warming Ovens

  • 1 – 500 Pound Ice Maker

  • 2 – 6’ Rectangular Tables

  • 2 – Commercial Refrigerators

  • 2 – Portable Bars / Ice Wells

  • 320 – Padded Banquet Chairs

  • 2 – Food Prep Tables

  • 9 – Trash Cans


  • You are responsible for obtaining a One-Day Liquor License from Anne Arundel County Liquor Commission, to include “BYOB” events. 

  • Applications are available at

  • Individual-sized glass bottles are not allowed (i.e., wine coolers and beer bottles) in the building or on the property. 

Wheels / Gambling



  • Lessee is required to retain at least one (1) off-duty sworn police officer to maintain order for the duration of the event. 

  • Officer must attend in the capacity of Law Enforcement rather than as a guest and is required to monitor the interior building and parking area. 

  • Officer is not permitted to consume alcohol. 

  • Failure to provide accurate information may result in the cancellation of your event and the forfeiture of all monies paid. 



  • Lessee is required to provide Proof of Liability Insurance at a minimum of $1,000,000 General Aggregate, $1,000,000 Personal Injury, $1,000,000 Each Occurrence, and $50,000 Property Damage. 

  • The Lessor shall be named on any certificates of insurance as co-insured and proof of coverage must be provided no less than fifteen business days prior to the event. 

  • Check with your insurance provider or google “One Day Special Event Insurance” for quotes.

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