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2021 Contract Negotiation Highlights


  • All Electronic Manufacturing Specialist go to Labor Grade 12 including new hires.
    Details to follow.


  • All Hourly People hired after 1-1-2016 receive a PTO accrual increase of 5 days.  We fought to have them as Personal/ Sick time but could not force the issue.

  • $2000 bonus. We fought to stay in the performance bonus but could not force the issue.  Achieved $2000.00 on last offer

  • Keep the same health benefit plans.

  • Increases to health benefit plans will be below the national average.

  • Vision and Dental increases 3% per year

  • Call for lateness or absence REQUIRED by start of shift.

  • Employees on 9/80, 4/10s, or 3/12 work schedules will get their full shift paid as holiday pay on holiday.

  • 15%-night turn differential for 3rd and 5th shifts.

  • Pipefitters Labor Grade 15 job description created. Those impacted immediately will be contacted.  As your experience grows you can be offered this position.


  • Carpenter will go to Labor Grade 13 on a MOA.


  • Allotment vacation will be allowed to carry over 2 weeks.


  • Powerhouse mechanics no change to your pay but they tried again today.


  • Electronic Technicians no platform recertifications.


  • Paid parental leave per NGC policy.


  • Personal / Sick days in 6-minute increments.


  • 12 percent increases over 4 years. 4-year 3% per.


  • New Kaiser Permanente Plan details will follow.

Local 1805 IBEW

898 Airport Park Road, Suite 207
Glen Burnie, MD  21061
O:  410-761-7780
F:  410-768-2248

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