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APPROVED: September 21, 2018


1. Opening.
2. Roll Call of Officers and Reading of Minutes.
3. Communications and Bills.
4. Reports of Executive Board and Officers.
5. Propositions for Membership.
6. Reports on Candidates.
7. Balloting or Voting on Candidates.
8. Obligations of Candidates.
9. Reports of Delegates and Committees.
10. Reports of Accidents, Sickness or Death of Members.
11. Roll Call of Members.
12. Unfinished Business.
13. New Business. (Under this heading comes matters relating to any election and installation of officers.)
14. Good of the Union.
15. Receipts and Expenses.
16. Closing.

NOTE: This sheet "ORDER OF BUSINESS" is not a part of the Local Union bylaws. It is attached to the bylaws to provide rules for the orderly conduct of Local Union meetings. Roll Call of Members is optional to the Local Union and may or may not be used as the Local Union 1805.

ARTICLE I (Name - Jurisdiction - Objects)

Sec. I. This Organization shall be known as Local Union 1805 of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Baltimore, Maryland. Local 1805 shall have jurisdiction over Electrical Manufacturing work as defined in Article XXVI, Section 8 of the IBEW Constitution when performed by the employees of Northrop Grumman.  However, the right of the International President to change this jurisdiction is recognized, as provided in the IBEW Constitution.

Sec. 2. The objects of this Local Union shall be to promote by all proper means the material and intellectual welfare of its members.

Sec. 3. Local Union 1805 shall cover the "A" and "BA" types of membership.

ARTICLE II (Meetings)

Sec. 1. Regular meetings shall be held once a month at the time and date as decided by the Local Union. The International Office shall be advised of the time, date, and location of regular Local Union meetings and also of any future changes. The membership shall be notified of any change in regular meeting dates.

Sec. 2. Only the Business Manager or the Executive Board may call special meetings.. The embers shall be notified in writing (by mail, leaflets, in the Union newspaper, or on accessible bulletin boards) of any special meeting. No business shall be transacted at any special meeting except that for which it has been called.

Sec. 3. Meetings or conferences of any individual work group for the purpose of discussing problems of such group may be called by authorization of the President. Any action desired by such group shall be subject to approval of the Local Union as provided in the !BEW Constitution.

Sec. 4. A roll call of Officers, Executive Board Members, and Stewards shall be made at each Local Union meeting, a roll call at each Executive Board meeting, and a roll call at each Steward's meeting, and the attendance of each recorded.

Sec. 5. Seven members in good standing shall constitute a quorum for any meeting of the Local Union.

ARTICLE III (Officers - Elections - Duties)

Sec I. The officers shall perform such duties as are stated in Article XVII of the IBEW Constitution. In addition, they shall perform such duties as are outlined in these bylaws and such duties as may be assigned to them by the Local Union and which are not in conflict with the !BEW Constitution and these bylaws.

Sec. 2. Failure of officers to perform their duties, the suspension or removal of any officer and the filling of any vacancies, shall be dealt with as stated in Article XVI of the IBEW Constitution.

Sec. 3. All officers and representatives and all employees shall be bonded to the extent required by the International or any applicable Federal or State law whichever is greater. The bond shall be secured through the International and the premium shall be paid by the Local Union.

Sec. 4.

(a) At the meeting of the Local Union when nominations are made, after nominations have closed, the President shall appoint an Election Judge and as many Tellers as arc required, who shall serve as an Election Board to conduct the election. No candidate for any office shall be eligible to serve on this Board.

(b) After nominations have been made and those nominated are found to be qualified, the Election Board shall have ballots prepared, listing in alphabetical order the names of all candidates for each respective office, beginning with President and continuing in the order named in the!BEW Constitution. Such ballots shall not contain any identifying numbers or marks which would identify the voter.

(c) Members in good standing and qualified to vote who expect to be unable to visit the polls on election day, may at any time within thirty (30) days but not less than five (5) days prior to the date of election, make application in writing to the Election Judge for an absentee ballot. Any such qualified applicant shall be furnished an official ballot and two (2) envelopes. One (I) envelope shall be smaller than the other and shall be marked only with the words OFFICIAL BALLOT. The larger envelope shall be preaddressed to the Election Board and shall contain a space in the upper left hand corner where the member shall place his/her name and address.

(d) Upon a member receiving an absentee ballot, he/she shall mark same and enclose it in the smaller envelope marked OFFICIAL BALLOT. This envelope shall then be placed in the larger envelope and mailed to the Election Board in time to be received before the polls are closed on Election Day. The Election Board, after determining the eligibility of the voters, shall open the envelopes, remove the smaller envelope marked OFFICIAL BALLOT and deposit same in the ballot box with the other ballots. No envelope received later than the time and date as determined and announced by the Executive Board shall be opened by the Election Board. 

(e) No member receiving an absentee ballot shall be permitted to vote in person at the election, unless he/she has first returned the absentee ballot unmarked to the Election Judge.

(f) The Financial Secretary shall furnish to the Election Judge not less than ten (10) days before the election, an alphabetical list of all members eligible to vote. All members in good standing and qualified shall be entitled to vote.

(g) The Election Board shall select a depository to which the envelopes containing the absentee ballots shall be mailed. This shall not be the Local Union Post Office Box or the Local Union Headquarters. (Cost ofsuch depository shall be paid by the Local Union.) This Board shall advise the Local Union of the location of such depository in sufficient time to prepare the preaddressed envelopes.

(h) When the polls have closed and voting has ceased, the Election Board shall immediately count and tabulate the ballots. Any candidate may be present or have an IBEW member as an observer present during the voting and at the counting of the ballots. The Election Board shall immediately make a report of the election results. All ballots, applications for absentee ballots, and other papers shall be preserved for one (I) year from the date of the election, after which same shall be destroyed unless a question has arisen in connection with the Election.

(i) Voting shall be by secret ballot.

(j) Write-in votes shall not be permitted.

(k) In the event the candidate does not receive a majority of the votes cast for a specific office, then a run-off election will be held between the two (2) candidates receiving the highest number of votes. This does not include candidates for the Local Union Executive Board or Examining Board which shall be decided for the candidate receiving the most votes.

(1) When a run-off election is necessary, such run-off election shall be held twenty-one (21) days after the regular election is held.

(m) Any dispute shall be left to the Election Board and their ruling shall be final except in cases where there is ground for suspicion of fraud, when the matter shall be brought before the Local Union for disposition. Any and all rules pertaining to nomination and election not covered by these bylaws shall be governed by the Constitution. Sec.

Sec. 5. Voting machines, if available, may be substituted for printed ballots when voting at the polls. All applicable requirements in the foregoing section shall apply, when voting machines are used, in the same manner as though a printed ballot were used.

Sec. 6.

(a) The officers shall be those provided for in Article XVI of the IBEW Constitution. IBEW Local Union 1805 Approved: September 21, 2018

(b) The President shall have such authority as provided for the Business Manager in these bylaws and the Constitution of the Brotherhood.

Sec. 7. The Executive Board shall consist of 5 members.

Sec. 8.

(a) Nominations for officers shall be held in May 2021, and election of officers shall be held in June 2021 and every three (3) years thereafter, as stated in Article XVI of the IBEW Constitution. Notice shall be mailed to all members at least twenty (20) days prior to the meeting for nominations in election years with all information regarding nominations, list of offices to be filled, date, time, and place of election, and the date, time, and place of run-off election if required. Said notice shall also include all details concerning the availability of the absentee ballot.

(b) No member shall be a candidate for more than one (I) office, except as provided in these bylaws and with approval of the International President. If nominated for more than one office, the member shall immediately declare for which office he/she will be a candidate. However, this shall not apply to offices which have been combined with the approval of the International President.

(c) Every candidate shall have the right once within thirty (30) days prior to the election to inspect a list containing the names and last-known addresses of all the members of the Local Union. Such list of members shall be maintained and kept by the Local Union. The membership list shall not be copied for the use of any candidate.

(d) The Local Union shall comply with all reasonable requests of any bona fide candidate for Local Union Office to distribute his/her campaign literature to the membership at the candidate's expense. In handling all such requests, the Local Union shall comply with the /BEW Local Election Guide and with applicable Department of Labor Regulations under the Labor Management Reporting and Disclosure Act of 1959.

(e) No member shall be eligible for office unless he/she has been a member of Local Union 1805 in continuous good standing for at least two (2) years immediately prior to nomination.

Sec. 9. No member may be nominated for office unless present at the meeting or signifying his or her willingness in writing. Such written notice shall specify the office for which he or she will run and shall be delivered to the President at or prior to the meeting for which nominations are made. 

ARTICLE IV (Executive Board)

Sec. 1. The duties of this Board are outlined in Article XVII of the !BEW Constitution and these bylaws.

Sec. 2. It shall be the duty of the Board to investigate all applications for membership and submit its report to the Local Union for action in accordance with Article XX of the IBEW Constitution. The preceding sentence shall not apply to apprentices as covered elsewhere in these bylaws. The Board shall also investigate and pass upon all traveling cards in full accordance with Article XXIII of the !BEW Constitution. The Board shall make its final report to the Local Union within sixty (60) days after the application or traveling card has been presented for Board consideration.

Sec. 3. Special meetings of the Executive Board may be called by its Chairman or the Business Manager.

Sec. 4. The Board shall elect its own Chairman and Secretary.

Sec. 5. The Board shall meet regularly between regular meetings of the Local Union.

Sec. 6. A quorum of the Board shall consist ofa majority of its members.

ARTICLE IV (Business Manager)

Sec. I. The Business Manager shall perform such duties as are stated in Article XVII of the IBEW Constitution and these bylaws. Also, the Business Manager shall perform such other duties as may be assigned by the Local Union and which are not in conflict with the IBEW Constitution and these bylaws.

Sec. 2. The Business Manager shall report to the Executive Board and the Local Union when called upon, or when he/she deems such necessary. The Executive Board and Local Union officers shall cooperate with the Business Manager in the performance of the duties of the office and shall not work in conflict with the Business Manager.

ARTICLE VI (Salaries)

Sec. 1. Salaries shall be:

President/Business Manager
a weekly salary equal to 48 times 110% of the highest wage rate negotiated with the Employer plus $50.00

Vice President
$200.00 per month*

Recording Secretary
$125.00 per month*

Financial Secretary
$125.00 per month*

$125.00 per month*

Secretary of Executive Board
$125.00 per month*

Executive Board Members
$100.00 per month*

Editor of Intercom
$80.00 per month*

$50.00 per month*

Section Steward 1/
$80.00 per month*

Chief Steward 1/
$100.00 per month*

*The salary provided for Officers and Steward shall be allowed provided each attends the regular meeting of the respective meetings.  In the event the failure to attend the membership or their respective meeting of their office, or both, was by a bond fide excuse, then the Officers and Stewards shall receive the above salary.

*1/ When Chief Stewards and Section Stewards are full-time positions, their pay will be based on 48 hours per week.

Sec. 2. Should any two (2) offices be combined, then the officer shall receive the salary of only one (]) office, whichever is the higher.

Sec. 3. Receipts, vouchers, or other reasonable proof of claim shall support all disbursements for authorized expenditures made on behalf of the Local Union.

Sec. 4. The Local Union shall reimburse any officer or member for all authorized lost earnings expenses because of attendance to Union business provided that an itemized account must be reported to the Local Union.

ARTICLE VII (Committees and Delegates)

Sec. I. Committees and delegates shall be appointed in accordance with Article XVIII of the IBEW Constitution.

Sec. 2. The delegates and alternates to the International Convention shall be nominated and elected in accordance with the nomination and secret ballot election procedure as set forth in these bylaws and Article II, Section IO of the IBEW Constitution.

Sec. 3. The Business Manager shall, by virtue of the office, serve as a Delegate to the International Convention. No candidate for office of Business Manager may be nominated for a Delegate at Large seat at the Convention in addition to being nominated for the office of Business Manager.

Sec. 4. The President shall, by virtue of the office, serve as a Delegate to System Council EM-1.

Sec. 5. The President shall, by virtue of the office, serve as a Delegate to System Council EM-5.

ARTICLE VII (Stewards)

Sec. I. Stewards shall be appointed where needed by the Business Manager. They shall work under the direction of the Business Manager and be subject to his/her authority. The Business Manager may remove any Steward, as such, at any time.

Sec. 2. Duties of Stewards shall be: (a) To have a copy of the !BEW Constitution, these bylaws and the working agreement with them at all times. (b) To see that Union membership is encouraged and all workers at their respective shop or jobs have paid-up dues receipts or valid working cards of the Local Union. (c) To report any encroachment upon the jurisdiction of the Local Union. (d) To report to the Business Manager any violation of the bylaws or agreements. (e) To perform such other duties as may be assigned lo them by the Business Manager.

Sec. 3. Stewards shall in no case cause a stoppage of work. In case of any trouble on a job or at a shop, Stewards shall immediately notify the Business Manager.

ARTICLE IX (Assessments - Admission Fees - Dues)

Sec. 1. All assessments imposed in accordance with the IBEW Constitution and these bylaws must be paid within the time required to protect the member's continuous good standing and benefits. Members shall not be required to pay assessments for welfare benefits in which they cannot participate.

Sec. 2. No money shall be collected from anyone working within the jurisdiction of this Local Union other than to apply on admission fees, dues and assessments established in accordance with the IBEW Constitution and these bylaws.

Sec. 3. The admission fee shall be:

(a) "A" and "BA" Membership All classification $7.50

(b) Each applicant for "A" membership shall pay an additional $2.00.

(c) Approval of these admission fees is given by the International President with the understanding that if conditions in the jurisdiction of the Local Union do not justify such fees, then the International President will be free to change the amounts.

Sec. 4. All applications must be accompanied by ten percent (10%) or more of the admission fee. Full payment (satisfactory arrangements may be made with the Executive Board) and admission must be completed within ninety (90) days of making application, in accordance with Article XX of the IBEW Constitution.

Sec. 5. All dues shall be payable monthly by payroll deduction.

Sec. 6. The monthly dues shall be:
(a) "A" and "BA" Members
All classification $22.02
2013 the Local rate is $24.19
2014 the Local rate is $26.36
2015 the Local rate is $28.53
2016 the Local rate is $30.70
2017 the Local rate is $32.87

(b) Applicable International per capita tax and all assessments to be paid in addition to the above dues.


Sec. I. The funds of this Local Union are for the legitimate expenses required in its conduct and maintenance and shall not be diverted therefrom. Disbursements shall be made in accordance with Article XIX of the !BEW Constitution and these bylaws.

Sec. 2. No money shall be loaned from the funds of this Local Union for any purpose, unless approved by the International President of the IBEW.

Sec. 3. The President shall appoint an auditing committee of three (3) members (or the President or the Executive Board, as the Local Union decides, shall employ a public accountant) to audit the books and accounts of the Local Union every three (3) months. A report o[ the audit must be made to the membership. The President shall inspect the bank books of the Treasurer to see that Local Union moneys turned over to the Treasurer have been properly and promptly deposited in the Local Union's name. The fiscal year shall be the twelve-month period ending December 31.

Sec. 4. There are hereby authorized the following funds:
General Fund
Building Fund

Sec. 5.
(a) Each month an amount equal to 50¢ per member of each month's dues received during the previous calendar month shall be transferred from the General Fund to the Building Fund
(b) No other moneys than those herein authorized shall be transferred to the Building Fund without the prior approval of the membership and the International President.

ARTICLE XI (Admission of Members)

Sec. 1. Qualification and admission of members shall be in accordance with Articles XIX and XX of the IBEW Constitution.

Sec. 2. Any member who is unemployed because of lack of work, illness, accident, or on leave of absence, and is not desirous of maintaining his good standing, may be issued an honorary withdrawal card provided dues are paid for the previous month or the current month if the application is made after the 15th of the month.

ARTICLE XII (General Laws)

Sec. I. The Executive Board shall act as the Trial Board to hear charges and try members (except officers or representatives of a Local Union, Railroad Council, or System Council) for violation of the IBEW Constitution, these bylaws, or an approved working agreement. All charges against a member must be in writing and signed, specifying the provision(s) of the Constitution, bylaws, or working agreement allegedly violated. A brief factual written statement of the act(s) considered to be in violation, including relevant dates, places and names, should be given by the charging party. A copy of the charges must be furnished to the accused by the Recording Secretary with notice of when to appear before the Trial Board.

Sec. 2. A charged member may, upon request, have an !BEW member in good standing as Counsel. However, no lawyer, as such may serve as Counsel in a hearing of the Trial Board. No person not a member of the !BEW may be present at such hearing, except as a witness. If the accused fails to appear after having been notified in ½Titing to appear, the Trial Board shall hear and determine the case just as though the accused were present. When a member files charges against another member and fails to appear before the Trial Board to prosecute the case, unless reasonable excuse is given, he/she shall be subject to discipline by the Trial Board.

Sec. 3. A majority vote of the Trial Board shall be sufficient for a decision, which is to be in writing. The Trial Board report of its findings and sentence, if any, shall be reported to the next regular meeting of the Local Union. The action of the Trial Board shall be considered the action of the Local Union, and the report of the Board shall conclude the case.

Sec. 4. All financial obligations (including but not limited to fines, assessments and unpaid dues and fees) owed by a member under the !BEW Constitution or the bylaws of this Local Union shall constitute debts owed by the member to the !BEW or the Local Union, and may be recovered through court action brought by the !BEW or the Local Union. If it is necessary for the Local to institute legal proceedings in order to recover any such debt, the individual member shall also be liable for all costs of said proceedings, together with a reasonable attorney's fee incurred by the Local, the amount thereof to be fixed by the Court.

Sec. 5. Each member shall keep the Financial Secretary informed of their correct address. The Financial Secretary shall, in tum, notify the International Secretary.

Sec. 6. The parliamentary rules of this Local Union shall be those stated in Article XV of the IBEW Constitution.

Sec. 7. The IBEW Constitution is hereby made a part of these bylaws. Where there is doubt concerning any section of these bylaws or where such might appear to be in conflict with the !BEW Constitution, then the !BEW Constitution shall control and must be followed.

Sec. 8. Words in these bylaws in the masculine gender shall include the feminine.

Sec. 9. Members shall be supplied with copies of the !BEW Constitution, these bylaws, and the working agreement upon request to the Local Union.

Sec. I0. Members shall show their membership cards or receipts upon request of the President or Steward.

Sec. 11. Local Union 1805 shall affiliate with the Baltimore Federation of Labor and the Federation of Labor, District of Columbia and Maryland State.

Sec. 12. The Local Union may present a Memorial Bible upon the death of a member or his spouse, child, mother, father, sister, brother, mother-in-law or father-in-law, Under this provision, no member may receive more than a maximum of Memorial Bibles. Upon the death of any of the above listed family members, a copy of the death notice as printed in the newspaper will be presented to the Memorial Bible Committee who is responsible for distributing the Bibles.

Sec. 13.
(a) Members of Local Union 1805, as a requirement of membership, shall be obligated to perform picket duty or other strike related duties and shall serve on their designated dates.

(b) Assignment shall be made by the Business Manager or his/her duly recognized representative. Whenever possible, at least 48 hours notice shall be given prior to the designated date.

(c) It shall be the responsibility of the Business Manager to see that the aforementioned picketing obligation is uniformly applied.

(d) To verify participation, members will sign a duty log at strike headquarters.

(e) If a member fails to receive a picket assignment within 5 calendar days of a strike, it shall be their responsibility to immediately call the Local Union office and make themselves available for picket duty.

(f) Members who fail to perform picket duty will be summoned by the Local Union's Executive Board and handled in accordance with the procedures as specified in these bylaws, as well as the Constitution of the IBEW.

ARTICLE XIII (Electrical Workers, Inc.)

Sec. I. Members in good standing in Local Union 1805 shall also be members in good standing of Electrical Workers, Inc.

Sec. 2. To promote and carry out the aims and interest of the Local Union, no corporate real property shall be sold, leased, encumbered or disposed of, nor shall any property be purchased or otherwise acquired except by a majority vote of the members present and voting.

Sec. 3. All members of the Local Union shall be notified in writing of the nature of the Resolution of the announced intention at least 10 days before the date of the meeting. Said Resolution shall then be read at such regular or specially called meeting. The Local Union shall then notify the Board of Directors of the Building Corporation of the action taken.

Sec. 4. It shall be the duty of the President of Electrical Workers, Inc., to see that a complete financial statement of the Corporation is prepared for presentation to the first regular meeting of the Local Union following regular annual members meeting of Electrical Workers, Inc.

Sec. 5. The Local Union officers, including all members of the Local Union Executive Board, shall constitute the Board of Directors of Electrical Workers, Inc. Upon expiration of their term as Local Union officers, or upon their resignation or removal, their duly elected or appointed successors shall become directors of Electrical Workers, Inc.

ARTICLE XIV (Amendments)

Sec. 1. These bylaws shall become effective upon approval by the International President.

Sec. 2.

(a) These bylaws may be amended or changed by any such proposal being submitted in writing and read at two (2) regular meetings of the Local Union, and decided at the second meeting by a majority vote of the members present and voting.

(b) However, assessments, admission fees or dues shall be changed only by a majority vote by secret ballot of the members in good standing voting at a regular or special membership meeting.

Changes shall be introduced at one Local Union meeting and acted upon at a second Local Union meeting. The proposal cannot be acted on at the time it was proposed. A written notice specifically stating the proposed assessments or changes in admission fees or dues shall be mailed to each member in good standing at the member's last-known home address at least twenty (20) days prior to the Local Union meeting at which the membership is to vote on the question.

Sec. 3. No assessments, amendments or changes shall become effective until approved by the International President, in accordance with the IBEW Constitution. 

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